A short game about a cat-mom streaming porn.

This is the only mini-game that's not fake in the April Fools video: https://youtu.be/2ZRutpwCBNo


  • 10 Stages to play: Adding new challenges as you progress!
  • Fully voiced story: Meet Nicole (voiced by Kelsey) and the mysterious "FancyTits69" (voiced by KiraKiraKat) and join them in their little adventure!
  • Lots of artworks: Animated loops, VN-like sprites, small artworks, big artworks, this game got them!
  • Gallery: Enjoy all the artworks you've gotten, whether they're naughty or nice!
  • Extra Features exclusive to my Patreon Patrons:
    • Big Breasts Version: Enjoy all sprites and animations with big breasts!
    • 1 Exclusive Pose: An extra pose with 3 animated loops in total! (All with big breasts alternative as well!)
    • These are available to my Patreon Patrons at Patreon.com/ManyakisGames


Creator: Manyakis

Nicole's Voice: Kelsey

FancyTits69's Voice: KiraKiraKat

Additional Animation: BellMouse

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Adult, nicole, NSFW


Nicole's Risky Job 1.2 (Windows) 44 MB


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Would love a free play mode after you beat all the levels. Basically an untimed level to just enjoy being the cam girl

Will there be a mobile version?


still waiting for futa mod

best game ever.


patreon paid for the extra option got absolutely nothing lmao lost my support and interest in this game forever It says patreons only but your ass has the links ONLY on itch.io meaning I can't get shit for paying for ur game other then the free version? nice.


Yeah, why would anyone support a creator who published their game for free!

I'm so going to dox u for this

(1 edit)

bet u r under 14 talking about doxxing LOL

speaking of which if the doxxed individual is under the age of 18 you can go to jail


Regardless of the fact that I failed my threat, he is still being an a$$hole.

Oh and please do report me to my authorities, would love to see their response.


if they are fucking under 18 they're in trouble too dumbass

(1 edit) (-2)

and who the fuck are you now? I don't think anybody asked for your opinion. so how about you go fuck yourself? (・ω・❁)

I love the design of your games ! Can I do let's play videos on it ? (Nicoles risky job, Nudebyte and Hot Glue) (knowing that I will post the video on porn website and earn a bit of ads revenue from that)

Mac Version, please?


someone explain why buttons is not f.. working 

Solo tienes que ajustar la cámara hasta que te esplique mas


Plz make android version


Will there be more stuff for the game like some fan finds her house and blackmails her into sex with or without a condom please




I hope


Any way to buy the patreon version on itch? I don"t like using patreon to get games.


 it lags :(

Anyone having high gpu usage just turn the the fps limit to 60




downloaded it, now my pc is hotter than a god damn stove,  play it on the browser instead


awesome game!

I want ambatukam omaygot in here


*me playing the game also me not looking in the back ground me looking in the back ground * wait this is gumballs mom 

hm really fun game ngl

I want to play the game from the beginning again, is there a way to reset the gallery to a locked state like the first time?


why does it use 98% of my gpu?


crypto miner kappa


it lags and I'm playing on chrome


Download the game! it help's the creator of the game and it won't lag



No I don't think I will install dez


Then stop complaining. 


Don't get involved dumbass, you can't even tell what's complain and that's reporting bugs like other people


Ever think it might be your computer is some hot ass.




stfu. this is itch.io never expected this type of amusement from here. this is great

how does downloading help the creator?


mentally. analytically creator can view downloads, visits, browser plays. so actually not downloading and playing in browser helps more 

the resolution on android browser is off


It's because its not meant to be a android gam



haha this was fun! and the voice acting was amazing great job!


i would like to play this on Android


make a android


Please make as Android version



Epic stuff


Futa mod?


dont you know what a futa is?


to put it in simple terms a woman with a dick


I wouldn't ask for futa if I didn't know what a futa was.

i hope this will get more content or maybe even a sequal


yea maybe a futa mod


still waiting for futa mod


Lmao Manyakis literally means pervert in my dialect 

(2 edits) (+2)

The mechanics of the game was surprisingly fun. The hotkeys helped a lot, especially to move the camera. Really well balanced, there wasn't really a point where I thought I'd lose, but I also didn't win by a lot. Fun little game

Also, spoiler maybe?

Is that.. is that void Rachel? Is FancyTits what Rachel got up to after being forgotten by the show? omfg that's kinda awesome

when i open the game the tab is too tiny to see the screen, its big enough to fit the close and minimize buttons

(1 edit)

you can press alt and enter at the same time and it should full screen it


i know the game is referencing to tobias' mom or sister. But I think it can also be Yuki, Nicole cloud friend based on the hair.

wow this is changging neko-chan


are there any other good games like this one?


Android version would be great want to download it awsomely much!

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